About….my thought and ‘miss’ steps (and how to find me)

…..all the while she was lost in the city which is more her sweet little plum then her big juicy apple. 

 She didn’t feel like filling out her ‘about me’ section. She was getting lost. She was daydreaming in the subway. She was dancing to the music in her head. She was walking. She jumped in the puddle. She thought it was a good idea when she started. She made the bed. She was making toast. She was getting picked up at the comic book store. She was wishing she was camping. She was flirting with someone who isn’t interested. She got on the wrong train (again). She told a joke that made her laugh more then everyone else. She was in the shower. She was baking. She checked her email again. She was loving the city. She was thinking she should write something. She was not wearing pants. She was wondering what she spelt wrong today. She was watching hockey. She was listening to every word you said. She was at a concert. She was making fun of those who speak in the third person. She took a picture. She was making up words. She changed all her passwords. She was alittle nerdy. She was wanting to be taken seriously while wearing mitten strings. She was dancing. She wasn’t sleeping. She was sitting at the park. She was using an exclamation points (!). She got lost. She was picking what glasses to wear today. She was brushing her teeth. She was people watching. She was working on her novel. She was smiling. She was telling a long-winded story. She was thinking of the snooze buttons (actually she was hitting it without thought). She was wondering why she was doing this. She was making funny faces at children at the zoo. She was talking to much. She was saving something. She was off on an adventure. She forgot her point. She was interested. She was thinking. She was joking. She was totally lost. She was wondering if this section is OSTENTATIOUS.? 😉





*eyebrows are subject to change in real life...


2 responses to “About….my thought and ‘miss’ steps (and how to find me)

  1. she promised her self not to re-work/re-write the above….

  2. hate that you lost so many amazing blogs! (and sad about all the comments too) i’m sure youll dazzle it up soon though you always have!

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