lets get positive….

On the last session of Dating Boot Camp something Matt said was interesting to me. He said that guys think about the negatives when it comes to past relationships while girls think about the positives. So basically, girls remember how nice it was to have a man buy them things, take them out, hold them, and tell them they love them, yada yada yada… While guys just remember when we turned into the crazy-soon-to-be-ex-psycho-bitch!

Am I doing something wrong? I’m starting to think my penis really is hiding down there somewhere! I don’t reminisce about the good things about being in a relationship. Sure I’ll admit it’s nice to have one/ be in one…but hold the horses for a minute, cause my bads outweigh the goods. And in fact, I think all single girls bads out weigh the goods. See women-girls-the female sex in general I think are more forgiving, more apt to put up with “crap” from a relationship.  

I don’t have a statistic to put here but in my scientific-guess-estimation (I did take 2 university physics class so I’m totally qualified to do so)

86.5% of women will stay in a relationship with the wrong guy while only 17.92% of men will!

We might “think” about the good because we block the bad, but “reminisce” about it, I highly doubt this!  If we wanted to stay in that relationship we would have. Women can be push over’s like that (now granted this doesn’t account for being dumped, but even then why spend thinking about that douche-bag)

Every guy I meet I’ll automatically pick out why he is or isn’t my type. “IS” equals as my friends so delicately put it, “an asshole-douche-bag-prick” and “IS NOT” my type equals “something has to be wrong with this guy!” (And the something wrong usually ends up being they are an asshole-douche-bag-prick)

Now I’ve had some great relationships and meet some of my bestest friends by dating them first, however, I always lean towards the negatives when I think of relationships. I don’t seek them out in hopes of recreating a “nice” feeling I’ve had in the past. Hell no! I always think the negative first…

My top 5 ‘negative’ thoughts I have about men….

1- He will cheat on me. Period!  (I don’t have to go into this…it has happened EVERY time)

2 – Date nights will turn into “come to my place lets have sex” (This is only negative in the sense that I do like to go out….sex is never a negative, well except for….)

3 – Sex will probably be bad. (I’m not hard to please in the end, but “this guy” probably isn’t going to rock my world, in fact, he probably wont)

4- He’s broken! (If he’s single he’s probably been broken by some girl….the bitch-ex-psycho, who I will then have to hear about all the time)

5- He going to get to serious way to fast….(I’m not looking to lay down roots anytime soon, but in between the douches I end up finding the “lets get married even though I just meet you” guys)

 (reason #___why I’m single: I’m always looking for the negatives)

7 responses to “lets get positive….

  1. You took way better notes than I did. I forgot all about that. What a load of crap. When I think about my past relationships I absolutely think of the negatives.

    And I’m pretty damn sure I’m a chick.

  2. I recall class when I was in secondary school (not sure what it’s called over there) where the teacher got a sheet of A4 paper with a large black circle on it and asked us what it was. We correctly replied “A large black circle”.

    The next sheet was another shape, a bit smaller. The next sheet another shape and smaller still, after about 5 sheets even us at the front had trouble.

    Finally the teacher got a fresh sheet and put a dot on the paper, it was passed around class until we’d all seen it. I came to the conclusion that it must be a circle because it was a dot and a pen would not leave straight edges at that size.

    The teacher told us we were wrong, it was a sheet of paper with a dot on it, we were so focused on something small that we missed the bigger picture.

    The morale of the story is that most of the time we blow negatives up to make them huge, the real moral of the story, the moral that we were not told; is that sometimes we don’t need to blow negatives out of proportion, they’re like that already.

    I like to think that I have a balanced and fair view of positives and negatives but then, don’t we all? I think what you need to do if you want to know if you’re a positive or negative is to ask honest friends. We here over the internet probably can’t help much.

    • teifion thanks for your first comment. What a great story! I might have to use it/steal it sometime. I’d like to think I balance the positives as well. I mean I think negatives about guys, but in the end I’m always looking for the positives…and I think we all do that (male or female)

  3. just to be honest i’ve probably been guilty of all 5. but it’s life. i’ve actually sworn off marriage. i dont even date. i meet tons of women and i can hardly keep up with who to talk to. i totally enjoy reading your post.

  4. did you physics classes teach you to add. lmfao.

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