As I mentioned yesterday, I had been on “assignment” this past week.  So as I was fruit dropping in Whole Foods stores across the city I noticed something.

All the men are buying vegetables: not buying fruit. (could be a good thing)

So being the engineer my parents wished  I had become, I came up with a game I like to call.


Rules of the Game: take one piece of fruit and roll (bowl) it towards an attractive man, and try to get it as close to him (the pin) as possible. Upon rolling quickly and flirt-erly chase after the fruit! Giggling is encouraged!

If you look at my states from yesterday, the fruits with the highest probability of ‘scoring’ were round and rolled well (oranges, coconuts, lemons)

Also, this game allowed me a greater playing field, I didn’t have to wait for a man to walk by me, I could roll my orange from produce into the meat section or frozen section (depending on the store) very easily.   

Also, this game is much more physical then just dropping fruit; it combines food and sports (2 of the best things ever!) 

SIDEBAR: If you are going to act like a foul and drop fruit to pick up men, you might as go for it and throw fruit allover the place to reach the really cute one way over there!  

FACT: The funny thing is, I’ve never really been bowling.  Unless, you count the tiny ball, more pins, I’m not an American bowling.

* This game is not to be confused with MAN-BASEBALL, the chances of getting a date out of that, aren’t as high….. believe me!

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6 responses to “Strike!

  1. Hilarious, but I’m oddly tempted to try it. lol

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  3. i love this idea! You could do this with so many things! Maybe with toy balls at Kmart!

  4. i’ve just started reading your blog but as i read this i kind of think of course YOU would do this. and i don’t know you which is funny. you are very funny and just by reading your stuff i feel like you are the funny friend that everyone loves and i am Blown away that you are single. I’ve seen your twitter pic you are one sexy thing.

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